Why Mobility Matters in 2023


Is your mobility costing you big? 

A company-wide mobility initiative is a great way to keep data secure, people connected, and communication flowing. But, without proper resources and tools, your mobility efforts could be a drain on resources, creating far less value than problems. 

With multiple– sometimes hundreds and thousands– of devices, staff changes and additions, and increasing costs at play, today’s mobility practices require more support than ever before. Harnessing a mobility initiative requires a team dedicated to managing devices, keeping tabs on contracts, and meticulously tracking inventory. 

Many organizations lack the resources to truly optimize their mobility experience. Most are paying a significant amount for devices that aren’t even in service, or continuing contracts with suppliers who aren’t offering the best possible rates and terms. Then, there’s the issue of security– properly wiping devices, monitoring use, and keeping software in line with current security standards within the organization. 

It can be overwhelming to deal with. At TMG, we serve as your partners in improving, enhancing, and streamlining mobility. Learn how we add value back into the mobility process.

Our Expertise & Knowledge Saves You Money

When it comes to managing mobility, you need a high level of industry expertise to make the most of your experience. For example, your in-house team is tasked with choosing a provider and securing valuable contract terms alongside affordable rates. The team believes they’ve negotiated a great deal with a top provider. But, this “deal” actually ends up costing an extra $10,000 per year– and they don’t know it, because they’re only negotiating with one supplier and one representative. 

TMG has been providing mobility services since 2006 and has established strong professional relationships with suppliers, which we leverage to get you the best deal possible on your chosen service or solution. We can see pricing across the world, comparing and contrasting each supplier’s prices and offerings with both competitors. This visibility, alongside our longstanding supplier relationships, sharp negotiation, and combined buying power, can get better savings and deals for the client than an in-house team is capable of. Simply put, leveraging TMG saves you money: 97% of the time, we save our customers double our fee.

Flexibility for A Changing Landscape 

One of the key factors for success in today’s technology landscape is agility. Companies need the flexibility to accommodate fluctuations and changes, in both their organization and the industry at large. TMG advocates for flexible rates, plans, and equipment, helping you keep your mobility solution tailored to your needs, even as they change over time.

Ease of Deployment 

TMG is with you throughout the entire mobility lifecycle. We don’t drop out after contracts are signed. Instead, we stay involved through implementation, and procurement, and offer ongoing management to help keep your mobility running smoothly. 

Our project management includes managing device upgrades, retirements, and transfers, monitoring your finances for billing errors and savings opportunities, and assisting with issue escalation and resolution. 

All-In-One Platform 

Wouldn’t it be nice to have access to a single source for management, deployment, cost optimization, and more?

Now, you can. 

Not only does TMG support your company through the entire mobility lifecycle– we make it easy to manage, monitor, and take action with a simple, streamlined platform.

All of our mobility customers receive access to our internal portal, which offers seamless integration into your existing infrastructure.

With our portal, you can easily complete tasks like:

  • Orders and request tickets
  • Helpdesk cases
  • Management of resource allocation with your existing AP / GO by size, location, etc.
  • Tracking requests through a transparent, user-friendly platform

This tool contains features for proactive pre-invoicing, device management, data management, and more. We assign a dedicated account manager to all mobile customers, giving your organization full access to expert monitoring and service. 

TapTMG for Better Mobility in 2023

The new year is a perfect time for new initiatives, including optimizing and tailoring your mobility to meet the evolving needs of your organization. At TMG, we have dedicated mobility experts available to guide you through the full lifecycle, accruing savings and adding value at no additional cost to you. With support from our team and access to our proprietary mobile platform, you’ll kick 2023 off right with added productivity and optimized cost. 

Stay connected, no strings attached. TapTMG today to get started on mobility optimization

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