Think Big. Act Small.


If you have been following along, TMG has been sharing our 5 core values that we adhere too. As a recap, we have already covered “Do the Right Thing” and “Always be Humble”. Our next core value is “Think Big. Act Small.” And we know that some of you are probably thinking, “isn’t that a contradiction?”. The answer is no and let us tell you why.

We live in a world where bigger is better in every way- deals, number of social media followers, houses, etc. “Acting Small” seems to go against what society is preaching. Below are some reasons of what this means to TMG and why going against the grain can be a good thing and why we adhere to this value as a company.

Small Steps Make Easy Progress

 Our team, adheres to “Always Keep Learning” (keep your eye out for next months post). This couples with our post about “Thinking Big but Acting Small”. We “Think Big” by immersing ourselves into emerging technologies and see how we can use them to improve our clients way of business. We drive ourselves to understand how these new technologies can impact our clients. See, we accomplished the first half of our core value, we have definitely “Thought Big” and now we need to “Act Small”. How do we accomplish this while bringing new ideas and thought leadership to our clients?  Instead of trying to get our client to just buy, we need to break down the process by showing our clients that we understand their business as well as they do, if not more so. By bringing “potential” solutions to known or unknown issues for our clients, we run full steam ahead to make these dreams a reality.

Mind The Details

Another aspect of “Act Small” is that we believe that there is no job too small for us to get done. Just like how every machine needs all its pieces to function, TMG needs every member of our team to be committed to all aspects of their job description. We recognize that each job is crucial for the success of our company, and our team understands that they must perform even the smallest tasks in the smallest job to the best of their ability.. We are making sure that all of our I’s are dotted and T’s are crossed because doing all the “small” things correctly will ripple out to help us help our clients to succeed!

Treat Everyone The Same            

Albert Einstein once said, “I speak to everyone in the same way, whether he is the garbage man or the president of the university,” and that quote fully encompasses the idea of “Act Small”. No matter what success we have as individuals or as a company we must always remember that we are no bigger or better than the person next to us. It is very easy to us to be kind and respectful to people we view as our peers or bosses and show them grace when they make mistakes. But our true character comes out when we interact with people by always “Doing the Right Thing” for our clients, no matter what that is, large or small. How we treat the barista when the mess up our coffee or how we react when someone cuts you off while driving, really showcases who we are.  “Acting Small” doesn’t mean we take up less space or ask for less, it just means that we remember that at one point we are all in this together, as a team and that should motivate us to be the type of person that speaks and treats everyone the same. That is what “Think Big, Act  Small” means to us, and what we live by at TMG

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