Thanksgiving Reflections: “Giving Thanks” at TMG


 As Thanksgiving approaches, members of our team at TMG take a moment to reflect on the significance of the season and the role of gratitude in both their professional and personal lives. Through our diverse experiences and perspectives, we share insights into our Thanksgiving traditions, the meaning of “Giving Thanks,” memorable acts of giving back, and specific milestones we are thankful for at TMG. Get to know a little bit more about your TMG team and how we like to “Give Thanks” in this season.

Personal Gratitude

One way we like to “Give Thanks” is spending time with friends and family. James Brighton, our Technology Solutions Advisor, says “Thanksgiving for me is a time to connect with family and set new goals for the upcoming year. So it serves as an opportunity to spend quality time with loved ones and work towards personal and professional aspirations.” Seth Marsh, Director of Sales and Marketing, elaborates more on the subject. He says, “I celebrate by hosting gatherings throughout the weekend, bringing family and friends together to share in the joy of the season.” Family and friends are such an important part of this season. Community is something that we should all be grateful for and this season is about bringing that community together.

“Giving Thanks” can mean a lot of different things to a lot of different people. We asked our CEO, Troy McCracken to speak on what this means to him. “It involves expressing gratitude to God for blessings while recognizing the disparity that exists, emphasizing the importance of empathy.” We also asked our Marketing and Events Manager her feelings of what “Giving Thanks” means. She said that “Gratitude means acknowledging what we have, appreciating the blessings, and helping those less fortunate.” So no matter what “Giving Thanks” means to you, it is always nice to acknowledge where you have been, what you have, and where you can be in service to those less fortunate than you.

Some of the best ways of “Giving Thanks” in this season is findings ways to giving back to your community.  Jack McCracken, our Inside Sales Rep, and his wife volunteer at the Free Store Food Bank as an annual tradition, highlighting the importance of contributing to those in need. Vasti Martinez, our Project Coordinator, also takes a hands-on approach. She volunteers at shelters, and connecting with the homeless on a personal level, fosters understanding and compassion.

Professional “Giving Thanks”

There are so many ways to personally express gratitude but sometimes we struggle to find gratitude in our professional lives. Seth Marsh touches on the professional impact of expressing gratitude. He says that “Expressing gratitude daily, humility, and a commitment to helping others contribute to positive professional relationships. It’s about more than personal gain; it’s about making a meaningful impact.” Troy McCracken also touches on this. “Living by the principle of “Pay it Forward” and expressing gratitude daily creates a ripple effect that positively influences professional interactions and relationships.” We get caught up in everyday stressors of our jobs that we forgot we can grow, collaborate, and work together.

Another way to express gratitude in a professional environment is to see what milestones and success you have achieved. Kaelynn Lesniak said that hosting successful events with different themes and venues has been a remarkable milestone. Gratitude is expressed for the trust and opportunities given to accomplish these events with over 300 clients and 60 different suppliers in attendance. James Brighton has a different approach to what success is in the workplace. He said, “Team collaboration and a commitment to education are constant sources of gratitude. Success at TMG is a collective effort, and the emphasis on learning is a perpetual blessing.” TMG is always ready to accomplish what is next.

TMG also loves to express gratitude with our clients and prospects. Jack McCracken loves to infuse thanksgiving cheer into client emails and face-to-face meetings in an effort to show appreciation. While Vasti Martinez incorporates personal touches, sharing reasons for gratitude, and even sending thank-you cards contribute to fostering positive relationships. We love what we do and want to make sure that you all know that as well.

As the Thanksgiving season approaches, we at TMG reflect on the importance of gratitude. From giving back to expressing thanks in business interactions, these insights showcase the multifaceted ways in which gratitude plays a pivotal role in shaping the culture and success of TMG.

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