Security Assessments

Assess your security posture

Though there are a multitude of security assessments available, there are five key areas of focus for most businesses: security audits, vulnerability assessments, penetration tests, IT audits and IT Risk assessments. None of these tests are the same, and though the terms are often interchanged, it’s important to understand their key differences and deploy the correct tests for your business’s unique situation and needs. TMG has access to best-in-class security firms, giving you well-vetted options and expert guidance in choosing the right testing for you.

Keep security hygiene consistent to reduce risk.

Conducting regular security assessments is a key facet of data protection. These assessments help determine the functionality of current security controls, detect weaknesses in security posture, and predict possible threats while guiding the planning of effective responses.


How TMG helps

How TMG Helps with Security
Assessment Services

TMG understands the wide range of Security Assessment providers and how they meet the business requirements of our clients. We utilize a hands-on consulting and solution design, which allows us to match you with a provider that checks all of your unique boxes.

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