PEN Test – Penetration Testing

Simulated threats to prevent real attacks

A PEN test is an authorized, simulated attack carried out against your organization by cybersecurity experts using the same methods and tools as legitimate attackers. This helps map out the weaknesses in your existing cybersecurity architecture, identifying key areas of focus and improvement to guide future decisions and solutions.

To beat an attack, you must think
like an attacker.

By carrying out this test on security architecture, businesses can better prepare for inevitable security incidents and learn the strengths and weaknesses in their security posture, allowing for a resolution to be made.


Types of PEN tests:

Each type of PEN test serves a unique purpose in understanding potential threats from both inside and outside of the organization. The three available tests are: 

Black-box Assessments - Simulates an external attack without privileged knowledge

White-box Assessments - Simulates an attack with internal knowledge or elevated privileges

Gray-box Assessment - Simulates an attack with full access to internal systems and information

How TMG helps

How TMG Helps with PEN Test Services

TMG understands the wide range of PEN Test providers and why organizations should have PEN Tests routinely done. Our hands-on consulting and solution design allows us to help you select and carry out the right testing for your organization, positioning you for a strengthened security posture and helping reduce risk.

With TMG, you can…

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