IR – Incident Response

Respond quickly to incidents

Incident Response (IR) is the effort to quickly identify an attack,and remediate the cause of the attack to minimize its effects, contain damage, and remediate the cause. This helps mitigate the impact and reduce the risk of similar incidents in the future.

Proactive defense is key to strong security posture.

The goal of incident response is to enable quick detection and agile response to future incidents by collecting information and creating procedures that effectively respond and eliminate detected threats.


IR Benefits

The primary goal is to return affected systems and data back to an operational state as quickly as possible.

Organizations must have an IR Plan. Below are just some of the benefits of maintaining and testing an IR plan:

Maintain public trust

Help maintain compliance

Ability to identify and remediate type, time and source of breach

Keep organizations operational

Return system functionality as quickly as possible

How TMG helps

How TMG Helps with IR Services

TMG understands the wide range of IR providers and why organizations should have one in place. We utilize a hands-on consulting and solution design, which allows us to help you select a supplier that meets your business requirements. All of our solutions are selected with the goal to drive future growth and stability– while still meeting immediate needs, optimizing costs, and cutting down on administration.

With TMG, you can…

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