Cyber Insurance Validation

Insurance for your cybersecurity insurance

Cyber Insurance Verification ensures that companies with Cyber Risk Insurance actually get paid in the event of a claim. The process works by automatically verifying the accuracy of information submitted on the original insurance application and then documenting on an ongoing basis, that the business has used “due care” to reasonably secure their computer network against a breach.

Less responsibility, less risk, more protection for IT leaders.

More often than not, IT leaders are not brought into Cyber Insurance discussions, rather they are left to fill out forms and are not part of the process in determining Cyber Insurance. Yet, they expected to maintain proper posture and ensure that the coverage the business has acquired is met and followed. Cyber Insurance Verification takes a large amount of time and effort out of meeting these demands, and reduces risk in the process.


Benefits of Assessing Cyber Insurance Validation

Current Focus:


Endpoint Detection


Employee Training at least annually

Upcoming Focus:

Business Continuity/Incident Response Plan

Patch Management

Privileged Account Management (PAM)/Identity Access Management (IAM)

Security Operations Center (SOC)

Use of Active Directory (on premise, cloud or hybrid sync)

Application Security

Verification of supplier security posture

How TMG helps

How TMG Helps with Cyber
Insurance Validation

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