Beat the bots

A bot — short for robot and also called an internet bot — is a computer program that operates as an agent for a user or other program or to simulate a human activity. Bots are normally used to automate certain tasks, meaning they can run without specific instructions from humans. This has potential to be used for good, but as with any technology, bad actors have a different idea. 

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Bot detection should be your first line of defense for the following reasons:

Clean Up Metrics by Reducing Bot Traffic. ... seeking all bots on network

Tighten online applications and determine which to keep

Stay Ahead of Attackers

Protect against malware and ransomware

How TMG helps

How TMG Helps with BOT detection Services

TMG understands that BOT detection providers are entering the security service area and are continuing to gain traction with security departments. We utilize a hands-on consulting and solution design, which allows us to help you find a bot detection solution that provides security, reduces risk, and drives future growth and stability– while still optimizing costs and cutting down on administration.

With TMG, you can…

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