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Colocation (COLO) is simply utilizing or renting floor space, power, cooling, for an organization’s infrastructure needs, and sometimes bandwidth in a service provider’s data center.

These data centers are redundant with many available carriers, dual fiber paths, and dual power sources, meaning they offer protection against network or power failures. The amount of space rented is entirely up to the client — anywhere from a partial rack to an entire data center. Colocation can be combined with other cloud solutions such as cloud computing, managed applications, and managed databases.

Built-in benefits to colocation

Organizations realize that, with increasing costs including real estate prices, a dedicated private data center is expensive to build and maintain. It’s often more sustainable to “rent” space, as COLO providers have the expertise and built in redundancies that organizations are either unwilling or unable to maintain on their own.  Colocation is attractive as an IT service because it helps businesses solve problems or achieve results that might be too expensive or complex for the business to accomplish by itself. There are four principal drivers for adopting colocation: cost, performance, compliance and services. 

Enterprise class service providers offer various compliances (SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, etc.) and more than 99.9% SLA’s for uptime. 


Benefits of Colocation

Security – protection from disaster, theft, network / power loss

Reliability – 99.9% uptime or more

Cost – labor, maintenance

Performance & scalability

Office relocation

Compliance requirements

How TMG helps

How TMG Helps with Colocation

TMG understands both the wide range of colocation providers as well as their global locations. We know who the ideal providers are and how they best meet the needs of our clients. We utilize a hands-on consulting and solution design, which allows us to help you choose a colocation plan that drives future growth and stability– while still optimizing costs and cutting down on administration.

With TMG, you can…

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