Accelerate access to applications

SD-WAN stands for Software-defined Wide Area Network. This solution creates a virtual wide area network architecture that provides access to central operations, functions, applications and data from anywhere in the world. It’s a safe and secure solution that supports hybrid and remote workers and intelligently grants secure access from multiple points using a centralized control function.

Protect the expanding perimeter with SASE - Secure Access Service Edge

SASE and SD-WAN go hand in hand, with SASE providing specific protection to the edge, extending security protections as far as trusted users are located and negating cyber attacks with heightened edge protection. This is especially crucial in today’s world, where enhancing security measures for remote access is critical to business operations.


Benefits of SD-WAN and SASE

Increase productivity

Reduce Cost

Maintain Agility

Enhance redundancy in your connection

Accommodate disparate service types

Additional Security

How TMG helps

How TMG Helps with SD-WAN

TMG understands that SD-WAN providers are consolidating and new solutions, like SASE, are entering the market. It can be difficult to understand each available solution as well as the features and scope offered by the multitude of suppliers who provide them. Let TMG do the work for you. 

We utilize a hands-on consulting and solution design, which allows us to help you architect an SD-WAN solution that drives future growth and stability– while still optimizing costs and cutting down on administration. 

With TMG, you can…

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