Troy McCracken

Troy McCracken

Founder & CEO

Troy McCracken founded TMG in 1999, and has led the team ever since. He’s guided the organization through changes that have empowered TMG’s growth into an industry leader–  and one of the largest Technology Acquisition Partners in the country.

Since TMG’s inception, Troy has committed to creating a unique approach for our clients: unbiased, customer-centric, full-service, and white-glove. He has remained focused on his faith and the Core Values that have guided him personally, as well as those that would guide him professionally: Do the Right Thing, Think Big, but Act Small, Have Fun & Get it Done, Always Keep Learning and Always Be Humble.

Troy’s passions in life are his wife, Maria, his 8 boys, and helping clients’ businesses to succeed.  He enjoys golf, cigars, and bourbon in his spare time, truly in any order!

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