Seth Marsh

Seth Marsh

Vice President Sales & Marketing

Seth Marsh has over 30+ years of industry experience, giving him unique experience gained by witnessing momentous events in the industry. From the advent of mobile devices and tablets and the ubiquity of PCs to the birth of the OPEX model, Seth is a true pioneer and a witness to the full-circle, cyclical reinvention of technology. This makes him an incredible asset to our clients– there is very little, if anything, that he has not seen nor worked with in his IT career.

Seth has a breadth of experience in multiple facets of the industry, having led sales for a global full-service security provider, served as a VAR rep and Manufacturers’s Rep, and worked as a direct salesperson. His is a unique position that provides a significant understanding of not only what clients seek, but also the ins-and-outs of the supplier and distribution side. This knowledge allows TMG to maximize the value we bring to our clients as we work on their behalf to solve their business needs.

Seth loves leading the sales and marketing team at TMG, helping to oversee the growth and expansion of both the company and those he encounters in his journey. He is always happy to offer mentorship and share his knowledge. 

Seth is an avid golfer, and says “ditto” to Troy’s enjoyment of cigars and bourbon, especially in combination with golf! While taking his daily 4–6-mile walks, he’s learning from industry leaders’ podcasts and tuning in to speeches as he keeps up with the rapid rate, pace, and change of technology. The TMG core values are of great importance in both his professional and personal life, and he is the proud husband to his wife, Kim, father to his 4 boys, and Papa to his 6 grandchildren.

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