Meet Sinch: A (Not-So) Brand New Option for Elite CPaaS 


Have you ever wondered who’s behind the household names in the enterprise telco space? 

You may not know their brand, but you’ve experienced their service. Say hello to Sinch

Despite their differences in offerings, branding, and methodology, many enterprise providers (that you’re likely using right now) contract Sinch as a source for cloud communications. Sinch specializes in connecting businesses and customers through a seamless, integrated suite of cloud services and solutions across multiple facets of your business. The top five telco companies are using Sinch’s services, and therefore, so are you– at a markup, of course. 

I have an exciting announcement to share with you: for the first time since the company’s inception in 2008, Sinch is going direct to market, and TMG is connecting customers with Sinch for direct-to-customer options –helping you cut out the middleman.

With TMG’s help, you can utilize Sinch’s services for internal and external communications, delivered with ease through the cloud. Sinch offers solutions across marketing, operations, and customer service, and if you’ve been an enterprise customer, chances are, you can attest to their quality. As the underlying Voice provider for the top five Telecom companies, the top five mobility companies, and the top five CPaaS companies in the world, it’s a huge win for companies like yours to be able to access these services… especially at the incredibly low cost Sinch is offering.

Now, you can utilize Sinch with an extremely affordable metered rate, paying for only the bandwidth that you use, and forgoing the expensive brand-name markups charged on a user,  license, or trunk basis. Think of it this way: you pay your internet provider every month for access to multiple applications, but really, you only use Netflix. Netflix costs roughly a tenth of your internet bill, but without paying the internet provider, you can’t watch your favorite shows and movies. 

If Netflix offered metered internet access to use their platform, at a much lower rate and without excess service, you’d probably opt to end your internet service through your main provider. With Sinch, instead of paying for an excessive CPaaS package, you choose the services you need, and pay the metered rate. This saves you a substantial amount of money, while enhancing the modernity and quality of your CPaaS stack. 

TMG is ready to help you integrate the trailblazing solutions offered by Sinch. Are you ready to elevate your customer interactions with modern, diverse communication capabilities? Let’s explore what this opportunity means for you. 

Reach out to us to learn more about Sinch today.

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