IT Table Talk: It’s Time To Enhance Your Cybersecurity in 2023


State of Cybersecurity Entering 2023 

2022 was a great year for bad actors– and a bad year for companies without ample cybersecurity protection. 

Cybersecurity insurance premiums skyrocketed, breaches exposed roughly 22 billion records, and Statisa cites the cost of 2022 cyber crimes as $8.44 trillion. Remote and hybrid work environments continually exacerbated holes in security postures, expanding the perimeter and leaving understaffed companies with little resources to close the gaps. 

Notable breaches included popular applications like Twitter, WhatsApp, and Uber, as well as governmental and medical records, including breaches of student loan information in the U.S. and medical data plundered from Australia’s MediBank. Hackers traded sensitive data on the dark web, caused organization-wide shutdowns, and held private information for ransoms– the cost of which, between actual demands and remediation / cascading costs, landed at over a million dollars per company.

As we enter 2023, experts expect upward trends to continue, spelling trouble for those with limited protection. 

Why You Need Protection This Year 

As experts get to work calculating the full scale of impact for cybercrimes in 2022, predictions are beginning to roll in for what we can expect in 2023. Statista estimates that global cybercrime costs will increase from $8.44 trillion in 2022 to $23.84 trillion by 2027. 

Security Intelligence cites several reasons for the increase in cybercrimes worldwide, from economic factors and geopolitical conflicts to expanding attack surfaces and Malware as a Service. As opportunity for hacking– from exploiting open source coding to finding cracks in the security perimeter to expert phishing schemes– increases, so does the risk for companies who aren’t fully protected. 

Companies today have few resources to work with. Simply put, most can’t afford to hire the necessary help in-house, and resort to diverting existing staff away from their core competencies. Not only is this costly, it’s futile: most of the help available within a department comes from non-security experts. That simply won’t stop the ruthless attacks plaguing companies globally in 2023. 

Today, companies need an affordable and dedicated cybersecurity solution, run and backed by experts, to meet their security needs and ensure their data safety. That’s why we’d like to introduce you to Threatblockr. 

Threatblockr- The Total Cybersecurity Solution

TMG is a proud partner to Threatblockr, the G2 award-winning cybersecurity solution that instantly shuts down incidents before they occur. This innovative SaaS security enhancement easily neutralizes risks, offering enhanced, intelligence-driven protection that shields against bad actors. 

Threatblockr is the added layer of security you need, offering a buffer to outdated firewalls and holes in the security posture. The platform is seamlessly integrated into your existing stack, offering an ideal protected network with no disturbance to your existing technology and easy, time-saving automation. 

Tap TMG today to get started! 

Threatblockr is offering a valuable risk assessment completely free of charge to TMG customers. If you’re reading this, you can get protected today, discovering the gaps in your security posture, current threats and risks, known bad traffic, and more, all alongside a comprehensive analysis of your current security posture and assets. 

It’s time to get covered in 2023. Click the button below to receive your free Threatblockr security assessment! 

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