Is BYOD Right For Your Company?


The “bring your own device” (BYOD) model is a trend that more companies are turning to for a seemingly quick fix for their mobile device strategy. But, is it really the right fit for your company? More importantly, is it really saving your staff time and your company money? There are many things to consider before entering into this type of agreement with your employees, and many questions to answer before making that decision:

  • How much is the stipend? And, will it cover all expenses, even those that are true business expenses (e.g., international roaming charges)?
  • Can your IT and helpdesk departments easily support multiple devices and maintain data security?
  • Will you need to purchase mobile device management (MDM) services from a third party provider?

On the surface, BYOD may look like a low-cost, low-maintenance option. But, a closer inspection determines what’s really at stake.

Companies have differing opinions on the dollar amount they consider appropriate for a monthly mobile device stipend. A typical range is anywhere between $75 and $150. Obviously, the higher the stipend, the higher the company’s out-of-pocket expenses.

Many companies allow their employees to choose and upgrade their own devices, yet still use the company’s IT systems and applications for work purposes. But, what happens when these devices fall into the wrong hands? From an IT and helpdesk support perspective, the greater the variety of employee devices in use, the more difficult it is to maintain a standard footprint of support. Will you be able to secure every employee’s device?

Mobile Device Management 
Without MDM, BYOD not only introduces unwanted risks to sensitive data, it also represents the potential for increased costs. Are you sure you have accounted for these increased costs in your wireless budget?

So, your employees are happy because they’ve purchased the device they want and you’ve agreed on a stipend. But, do you know what the true mobile costs are for your organization using a BYOD model? Or, could you be saving even more with McCracken’s mobility management and cost optimization services?

While BYOD seems simple on the surface, a closer look can determine what’s really at stake. Call McCracken today for a no-risk evaluation. We’ll help you determine if your BYOD model is actually costing you, or if a partnership with us could put money back in your pocket.

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