Introducing TMG


We have an exciting announcement: The McCracken Group has undergone a nearly year-long process, working in partnership with an industry-leading branding and creative agency, to hone in and re-emphasize who we are as an organization and how we deliver value to our customers and partners. The result of this process is a rebrand – including a new brand story, logo and visual identity, and brand experience including an updated website. 

The McCracken Group is now TMG – your Technology Acquisition Partner (TAP). When you need to find and procure new technology services, TAP the experts at TMG!

This industry we are in – IT technology advisory services – is fundamentally about change. Changing technology. Changes in the way enterprises leverage technology. Navigating a changing landscape of providers and manufacturers. Changing risks and threat vectors. And even changes in the role the IT department plays within an organization.

As the relentless pace of change drives forward, the way we support you and our areas of expertise have not just kept pace but led the way. Admittedly, the message delivered in the past was not consistent with the level of our services, echoing one of our core values of “Always be humble.” And that’s why it was time for a change in our brand; to make sure the image we portray and the message we deliver match our current capabilities and the position we occupy as a high-end, high-touch consultancy that delivers a personal experience and expert advisory services. 

So what does this mean to you? 

In one sense, it means nothing to you. You will engage with the same people and have the same level of service and expertise you’ve come to expect.

In another sense, it means everything. We’ve made a significant investment in this process – both time and money – and it signals a commitment to you and our market that we intend to stay at the forefront of this industry and that we continue to care about the details. 

We’d love to have you visit our new website. We think it does a great job encapsulating who we are and our value to you as well as demonstrating the wide range of capabilities, IT advisory services, and technologies we offer. You might be surprised to learn how much we can do to help your IT department!

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