Have Fun and Get It Done


Have Fun and Get It Done

In a world where technology plays a pivotal role in business success, finding the perfect balance between hard work and enjoyment can be a game-changer. We are highlighting our fourth of five core values that we live by “Have Fun and Get it Done”. We have embraced this core value as one of our favorites. In this blog post, we will explore how this simple, yet powerful approach has transformed the way we deliver technology solutions, ensuring a rewarding and impactful experience for our clients and our team.

Embracing the Power of Joy

As a faith-based organization  so we like to lean on the Bible for inspiration and Ecclesiastes 2:24 says that there is nothing better for a person than that he should eat and drink and find enjoyment in his toil. We at TMG like to live out that verse and firmly believe that work should be more than just a mundane task. When our team is passionate and excited about what we do, it creates a positive ripple effect that extends to our clients. The enthusiasm we bring to the table fosters an environment of collaboration, creativity, and innovation, making the entire process more engaging and fulfilling.

 Productivity through Positivity

“Have Fun and Get It Done” helps us bring our most productive selves to our clients. We know that there will be days when the stress hits us hard and when that happens, we lean hard into finding the joy in our work.  For us, the joy comes from being productive with our clients, finding the best solution for their problems, and striving to deliver excellence. When we “Do the Right Thing” for our clients and find them the best solutions our positivity soars and so does our production.  

Embracing the Challenge, Finding the Fun

We acknowledge that IT procurement is a process that is not only hard on us but on you, the client. A lot of businesses and their IT teams struggle to keep up with the rate of change in technology due to their departments being too lean, lacking experience, or too large where the team isn’t working cohesively together. As our clients begin their journey, they begin to sift through the all the options all while trying to figure out what the need for their business and if they need to be compliant with standards in their field. That is where TMG comes in. We offer a tailored bespoke solution while creating a personal connection because your goals, needs, and feelings matter.  And that is where the fun comes in, we embrace the challenge of finding the best solution for the client while finding the joy in doing a job well done.

Building Strong Client Relationships

The heart of our success lies in the strong relationships we build with our clients. “Have Fun and Get It Done” fosters an environment of trust and rapport, making it easier to connect with our clients on a personal level. We take the time to understand their unique challenges and aspirations, ensuring that the solutions we deliver are not only effective but also aligned with their vision.

Achieving Excellence

The “Have Fun and Get It Done” core value has allowed us to be a single-source Technology Acquisition Partner™ that helps enterprises make data-driven, intelligence-backed decisions and expertly executed implementations across best-in-class IT infrastructure suppliers and solutions for over TWO DECADES. Business’s do not stay in business for that long unless they are delivering an excellent experience and products to their client’s time and time again. Our CEO, Troy McCracken says,

Anyone you have done business with prior to uswill pale by our comparison.

Anyone you do business with after us will be measured by the new standard we set.

  We live by this quote and tackle challenges with enthusiasm and turn obstacles into opportunities for growth. Our dedication to excellence, combined with the joy we find in our work, ensures that our clients receive top-tier technology solutions that make a real and lasting impact on their businesses.


At TMG, we have discovered the true power of combining fun and hard work. “Have Fun and Get It Done” has become more than just a core value: it is the beating heart of our company culture and the driving force behind our success. By embracing joy and enthusiasm and leaning on core verses, we have redefined how technology solutions are delivered, creating a positive and rewarding experience for our clients and ourselves. In this exciting and dynamic world of technology, we invite you to join us on a journey where excellence and enjoyment go hand in hand.

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