Do The Right Thing 


The wise businessman Roy E. Disney once said, When your values are clear to you, making decisions becomes easier.” Our team is united in the commitment to upholding and living our core values– we hold the same things dear to our hearts, hold each other and ourselves accountable, and strive to be the best people we can be, both in and out of the office. 

At TMG, our values guide our every decision. We believe that the strongest partners have the integrity to honor their commitments– and that includes commitments to themselves, to their neighbors, and to their communities, just as much as to their clients. 

In that spirit, we want to share with you some of the guiding principles that define TMG and how they help us deliver the best possible experiences as your technology acquisition partner. Over the next few months, we’ll be sharing each of our values and how we apply them to our client work, starting with this month’s value:  #1: Do the right thing. 

#1: We Keep Things Transparent 

Around here, we do the right thing, even if it isn’t always the easy thing. This means giving transparency about expectations, the scope of work, and cost– not sneaking in hidden fees, delaying progress, or simply telling our clients what they want to hear. We know that you hear this from many different suppliers and partners; however, you can count on us to demonstrate this commitment to you. We lead through our actions, and every one of our current client engagements demonstrates as much.

When undertaking a new technology project, it can be intimidating to enter into a discovery process where so many fees, potential issues, and personal motivations are often hidden. Have you ever entered into a vendor agreement only to be stunned by the amount on your first bill? Or, maybe you’ve adopted a technology that was promised to be a fix-all, only to find that new problems emerged in the implementation phase? 

At TMG, we provide all of the information you need to make a solid decision up front. If we believe you may experience difficulties at any stage of your technology project, we tell you ahead of time and offer solutions to mitigate the headache. Because we vet our vendors and make suggestions based on longstanding relationships, you can be sure that your estimates and quotes are realistic and that there will be no surprises when it comes time to pay your bill. 

Building an excellent technology stack relies on a clear understanding of what’s to come and how it may affect your business– whether that’s anticipating hiccups, mitigating risk, or fitting a new technology into a tight budget. We believe it’s only right to be transparent about all aspects of your engagement, and we commit to providing that transparency in all projects, big or small. 

#2: We Take an Agnostic Approach 

The way we value doing the right thing is evident in our agnostic approach– we put customers’ best interests first where others might seek personal gain.

Doing right by our clients means taking our personal biases, motivations, and professional relationships out of the decision-making equation. We won’t push you toward a certain solution just out of financial motivation or because we golf with an executive at the providing company, nor will we allow our own preferences for technology to get in the way of what may be a better solution for your unique needs. We think this industry should run on trust, and you can trust us to do what’s right, no matter what. 

#3: We Do All Things with Honesty and Integrity 

Part of doing the right thing means having integrity and not being afraid to speak up to help you reach success. We aren’t yes-men who will tell you whatever you want to hear– we are your partner in technology, and a good partner tells the truth, even when it’s hard. 

 If we don’t think an idea will work out, we tell you so.  If we don’t think a decision is correct, we advise otherwise. If something goes wrong, we don’t hide it– we work together with our clients to resolve the issues and prevent them in the future. We believe it’s best to be upfront about potential or current issues, as that’s the way forward toward a resolution. Biting our tongues or sweeping a problem under the rug only compounds to cause greater issues later– and that’s definitely not the right way to go about a professional partnership. 

Part of our commitment to honesty and integrity is inherent in how we are paid. Unlike a sales representative, we don’t represent a single company and therefore have no motivation to shill a service that may be a poor fit for you just to make money. Our relationships with clients are the motivation behind our suggestions, and our relationships with vendors come second. We don’t need to push you in a single direction or maintain loyalty to just one provider, so you can trust that we have your best interests at heart, not our own. 

Thank you for taking the time to read about our company. Though we aren’t as large as one of the Big 4, we can provide the same type of data metrics along with the ability to help you acquire and support the same solutions! We achieve more and more for our clients every day, and our commitment to our values is a catalyst for our success. Doing the right thing has always led to the best results, and we have formed many valuable, longstanding client relationships as a result of this commitment. We look forward to staying on this journey together, and we are proud to be a partner you can trust. 

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