Always Be Humble


At TMG, a shared set of core values defines the way we live and work. Each month, we plan to share one with you. This month we’d like to highlight a mantra we repeat often and a commitment we make to ourselves and each other: “Always be humble.

Let’s explore what this means to our organization.

We don’t brag– our results speak for themselves

We are a faith-based organization and we strive to treat others as we would want to be treated. It’s simple– we are grateful to God and kind to others. We don’t need to brag or boast to promote our services, nor do we need to posture ourselves or act like know-it-alls. We believe genuine relationships and a humble, willing-to-listen mentality allow us the best opportunities to grow.

Success isn’t an endpoint; it’s an ongoing journey.

To be humble means to acknowledge that, while we have learned a lot over our combined decades in the industry, we don’t know everything. Even if we did, the world is always changing. New technologies will emerge, new risks will arise, and the way IT teams operate will evolve. We are committed to putting aside our biases, taking an agnostic approach to technology solutions, and doing due diligence. We evaluate the changing needs of our clients and the shifting marketplace with careful attention and objectivity. We don’t stop learning, growing, and striving for our clients, and our shared successes only inspire us to continue on this path forward. That’s how we provide the experience you deserve from a passionate and committed technology partner.

We put collaboration first, not ego.

We may be the experts in our industry, but only you know the intricacies of your business’s needs and vision for the future. We listen receptively to our client’s ideas and make honest recommendations, considering your experience and desired outcomes. The process of learning about your goals, needs, and preferences allows us to narrow down the perfect solution. The combination of our industry knowledge and leadership, along with your input, is the key to finding what works best and helping you implement and manage that solution with ease. We don’t take credit for your successes– we collaborate with you to create these positive outcomes. That’s what makes us truly proud to do what we do.

Thanks for taking the time to read about this value. It’s one we hold dear, and we believe that sharing the commitment to modesty and ongoing growth with one another is part of what makes our organization great.

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