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For over two decades, TMG (The McCracken Group) has been a single-source Technology Acquisition Partner™ that helps enterprises make data-driven, intelligence-backed decisions and expertly executed implementations across best-in-class IT infrastructure suppliers and solutions.

Our Approach

We combine the powerful insights of the largest technology consultancies with the hands-on experience of a trusted advisor to create and implement technology solutions that are broad in their impact yet tailored in their composition. We deliver that service with a high-touch and highly personal relationship-driven model that puts you at the center of technology.

The TMG Team

Who We Serve

The world of today’s IT leaders has grown more complex because of the explosion of applications and the supporting infrastructure technologies, and because the enterprise’s expectations are for IT to shift from a cost center to a value center. The name of the game is speed-to-value and the deployment of scalable, doing more with the same or fewer resources and less budget, and flexible solutions that meet the needs now and into the future. We help IT leaders navigate this new paradigm. If you’re an IT leader, talk to a consultant today to see how we can help you.

Budget and cost optimization are at the top of the to-do list for today’s CFOs, as they always have been. As the economy changes and market conditions shift, the enterprise is called on to continue to innovate, and technology is a key driver of strategic advantage. We help CFOs optimize costs, spend less on the technology the enterprise needs and do more with the dollars they already have allocated. If you’re a CFO, talk to a consultant today to see how we can help you.

Large enterprises often have large, specialized, and siloed teams that have trouble working cohesively across the IT organization to develop and execute the right strategy. In some cases, they need to work with Procurement teams to acquire the technology, and finance to gain funding. We can sit at the center of those teams, facilitating projects and communication. If you’re on a large IT team, talk to a consultant today to see how we can help you.

There’s a war waging between sophisticated and opportunistic cybercriminals, often with state-sponsored capabilities, and the enterprises and institutions that house valuable data and intellectual IP. Every day, new threat vectors and exposure arises. It’s imperative that enterprises of all sizes take an effective defensive posture. In the fight to mitigate those risks, we are a CISO’s ally. If you’re a CISO, talk to a consultant today to see how we can help you.

Sometimes enterprises run lean IT teams that struggle to keep up with day-to-day management of the infrastructure and user support, let alone manage procurement and implementation of technology roadmaps and strategic technology acquisition projects. Their resources need to stay focused on delivering the most value to the business in core areas. TMG extends the team, without the overhead. If you’re on a lean IT team, talk to a consultant today to see how we can help you.

Many IT teams today are focused on core competencies, acquiring key talent with deep experience in areas like security, application development and support, and cloud infrastructure. Sometimes that means they lack the bandwidth, specialization, and experience in other areas like mobility, voice, or collaboration to successfully navigate the changing landscape of those technologies. We plug the gaps and bring the expertise to the table. If you’re an IT team looking to close some gaps, talk to a consultant today to see how we can help you.

Our Culture

The TMG culture is the foundation for the value we deliver to our clients and drives our engagements. Find out what we stand for.

Change Starts Here

We help our clients to understand how technology can empower and enable their enterprise, then implement solutions that deliver value. The first step is a conversation with our advisors.