3 Reasons SASE is the future of Security Technology


SASE is making headlines across the IT sphere. You may have heard of the emerging cybersecurity solution and wondered if it’s right for your business, enticed by promises of next-level security and productivity. As a technology acquisition partner, we believe that this solution has the potential to help many businesses defend their edge with previously unmatched ease and efficiency– and we’ve seen it work for businesses across verticals. 

SASE merges WAN technology with the features you need, offering elite access management, a Zero Trust approach to security,  enhanced network visibility, and so much more. Here are our top three reasons to get in on the ground floor and adopt a SASE solution. 

1. It’s born in the cloud 

One of the main selling points of SASE is that it’s cloud-delivered. It plays nicely with your existing apps and infrastructure while offering enhanced visibility into the corners of your business that operate on the cloud. You may not even need to make sweeping changes to your existing WAN infrastructure– SASE converges your network and security services while integrating existing WAN and adding layers of cloud security. 

By now, most businesses have at least begun to migrate to the cloud. In a few short years, they’ll likely have to, as more and more applications require cloud capabilities to access and utilize properly. It’s best to get ahead of the curve by adopting a security solution with existing cloud capabilities, making future integrations and implementations seamless and minimally risky. 

Cloud services like SASE are agile and scalable, allowing them to be contoured to the changing needs of your organization as you evolve. The unification of network and security services gives a steep advantage, allowing for a swift and efficient, single-source solution and eliminating the need for disparate providers and technologies to keep you productive and safe. 

2. Because your security perimeter needs enhanced protection 

Today, more people than ever are working from home. They’re merging both personal and professional use, utilizing the same devices to stream, scroll, video conference, email, and so much more– and they’re doing it from various locations. Some will join a Zoom call on hotel wifi, update spreadsheets in a coffee shop, or access company databases while commuting… and all of this widens the perimeter and creates vulnerability. 

SASE’s elite access management system, which operates on a Zero Trust concept, ensures added protection for these modern circumstances, including in some cases enhanced inspection of public wifi and device encryption. This makes it safer for employees to access infrastructure on the go, preventing bad actors from taking advantage of new and widespread vulnerabilities.

3. Because the world is chaotic – and SASE is resilient 

If the COVID-19 pandemic taught us anything, it’s that in an instant, the way we work and the infrastructure we operate on can be unexpectedly upended. From local weather events to global disasters and everything in between, SASE offers the resiliency you need to feel confident in your network. 

SASE is uniquely scalable and offers advantages like PoP (Point of Presence) inspections that reduce the need to rely on a crowded data center. It’s a single solution that covers edges and aspects across your business, including mobile and physical devices in multiple locations across regions, with unmatched redundancy and ease of use. This makes it a perfect fit for businesses looking to maintain and enhance resiliency and prepare for the future– whatever it may bring. 

Cato: The World’s First (and Favorite) SASE Solution

TMG is proud to partner with Cato, the original SASE solution. Cato has offered a complete SASE architecture since the company’s inception in 2015, four years before SASE’s introduction, and they are known for their expertise and pioneering technology. 

Security has become a priority with every organization, and Cato is truly leading the security charge at the edge. If you’re in talks to implement a new network or are seeking to upgrade your current WAN infrastructure to include security or replace MPLS, we highly recommend Cato’s SASE solution. 

As a pioneer, Cato has mastered the intricacies of SASE architecture and enhanced its benefits with redundant and agile technologies, like The Cato Private Backbone: a global, geographically distributed, SLA-backed network of 65+ PoPs, interconnected by multiple tier-1 carriers. This offers support around the globe, with elite monitoring and edge protection created through identity-driven policies.

A number of our clients recently test-drove CATO products and were impressed by their quality and ease of use. Here’s what they had to say:

“The Cato difference provided us with the “Art of the Possible”

– Director of IT, of the 3rd largest national automotive retail organization

“This will allow us to simply deploy security and WAN services globally easier than we have in our current traditional environment”.

– Senior Infrastructure Engineer at a Medical Device Manufacturer

As our customer, you’ll receive the best rates and terms on a wide variety of SASE products, including Cato’s revolutionary offerings. To learn more about SASE, TapTMG today!  

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